Our Partners

Our Partnership

The DEM Association labours to empower, inspire and connect students with one another. We provide the student community with a space to cultivate and develop their interest in business and technology, by providing access to networking, critical thinking, and problem solving opportunities.

We would like to thank our partners for their support! Our events and various workshops would not be possible without them. As a result of their continuous support we continue to expand our network, services and the boundless oppertunities that we provide to our organization.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us at dem@utmsu.ca

Levelup Reality

Levelup Reality takes you beyond the limits of reality into a rich immersive experience where you can connect with others while engaging all of your senses. Offering virtual reality in Toronto, we have many single and multiplayer experiences in a variety of genres such as adventure, shooters, action, escape rooms, short films, etc. This entertainment is well-suited to be enjoyed solo, with friends, families, groups, or parties. Come level up your reality today!

Here are some of the many experiences you can get immersed in at Levelup Reality:

  • Become a soldier: Duck behind cover, alternate between ballistic weapons, and fend off enemies.
  • Survive a zombie apocalypse: Team up in multiplayer with friends, and protect each other from the incoming hordes
  • Explore the deep sea: Dive into the ocean and interact with exotic aquatic creatures
  • And many more genres such as adventure, action, escape rooms, short films, etc…
  • Use our discount code "DEMA" to get 10% off your visit!