Meet The Team




The content! Everything is intertwined and makes me think so critically about the world in regards to all matters. The instructors do an amazing job bridging the content with the real world.



"The DEM program is a perfect fit for innovators who hope to become young entrepreneurs to constitute change. By incorporating both business and technology, students gain a variety of skills which became an asset when career searching. To me, the DEM association is a platform where I can be the best version of myself. Being the leader of the association, I can execute my vision and deliver valuable events to the student body of UTM with my team. I hope to create endless opportunities for the students to help them build their networks by connecting them to industry professionals. I aspire to help grow the UTM community this year by representing all that it stands for."




"DEM to me is the program of the future. It provides a very unique intersection of business administration, computing technologies, media and communications and management in a way that no other program has done before. It signifies a realm of progressive, transformative youth who are constantly thinking of new ways to transform our society. It takes into account the nuances of the technological decade and equips students with the tools they need to excel in any industry they find themselves in. DEM builds entrepreneurs, problem-solvers and remarkable thinkers. Most importantly, DEM comprises of some of the most talented, intelligent and innovative students at UTM."



"At its core, I believe that The Digital Enterprise Management Association is all about community and opportunity. I know first-hand that starting university can be extremely overwhelming and lonely at times. Joining the DEM Association has allowed me to carry out my personal goal of reaching out to students and making them feel welcome at UTM, despite their year or program.

Becoming a part of DEMA has been one of the most fruitful experiences of my University career. I’ve had the chance to meet and learn from incredibly talented and hardworking individuals, plan and execute unforgettable events, and provide exposure to the amazing programs the Institute of Communication Culture and Information Technology has to offer. To anyone who considers joining DEMA, whether it’s as an associate, executive, or even as a volunteer, I could not recommend it enough. The knowledge you’ll gain, the people you’ll meet, and the skills you’ll walk away with will be invaluable to your personal and professional development."


Outreach Director


"Being a third year student and specializing in DEM is both a blessing and complicated. It can be complicated because many aren’t aware of what DEM stands for. However, once a student is enrolled, they find themselves in a massive hurdle of opportunities. As part of the association, it is a pleasure to represent a group of innovative students and I am thrilled to reveal of what we have in store for the year.

With a creative, innovative and forward-looking attitude, I am committed to improving the journey of students on campus, particularly students specializing in DEM. I aim to participate in a more collective student representative body by recruiting sponsors to assist in making our events better and effective. I am excited to bring back some of the DEM graduates to give the undergraduate students some insight about life after graduation and potential career paths."

Marketing Director


"What is DEM? That’s a very good question that has a never ending answer to that. DEM to me is more than just education and program. It given me family, friends and the best insight to digital world today. DEM does not limit one to a specific area, but rather opens the door for more opportunities that help achieve one’s goal. Coming into DEM, I thought this was a program I would be lost in, but 3 years later, I’m doing things I could not have imagined. So DEM to me is a program that makes everything possible and achievable."


Creative Director


"DEMA to me is a chance to work together with like-minded peers, for a common goal of providing opportunities for DEM students (and beyond). I hope to grow as a designer, leader, and most importantly as a team player. There’ll definitely be challenges that come with building up our club, but I know I can count on my fellow members for their collaboration and support. Looking forward to making the most of my experience here!"

Head of Events & Planning


"The Digital Enterprise Management program is a unique one where it’s not easy to identify exactly what professional stream we will go into. A lot of us will go in marketing, or IT consulting. But at the same time, a bunch of us will also go into web development, or business management, or graphic design. In my search to understand what it means to be a student in the DEM program, there’s one word that I’ve come across that I think truly sums it up: versatile. In the DEM program you learn a lot of different skills that allow you to prosper in the digital space. What that means is that I’m confident in my ability to come up with digital solutions to both online & offline challenges.

I believe that the DEM Association plays a supporting role in the DEM student experience by providing opportunities for students to build their social capital. This means facilitating relationship building between students and faculty, alumni, or other students through hosting events, or making introductions. DEMA has a great team this year and we have the potential to help DEM students achieve their best. If you’re reading this, come say hello, tell us how we’re doing, and (most importantly) let us know how we can help you."


Head of Web Development


"Being a part of DEMA gives me the opportunity to work with amazing people in the same field as me while learning more about all the great things DEM has to offer, at the same time. DEMA is all about connecting students and providing them with the help they need in preparing for their awaiting futures. But most importantly, it allows my team and I to bring together students of similar interests and create a family for which we will enjoy organizing various occasions for. I am really excited to work with my fantastic team this year and deliver the best experience for our DEM family!"

Finance & Logistics Director


"DEM means innovation to me. The program introduces me to management roles in the digital age, bridging information systems and management together. The association let’s me use DEM to its fullest extent by interacting with like-minded individuals and together they make my transition into the world of emerging technologies that much better."


Young Entrepreneurs Conference Chair


"To me, DEMA is a club which truly provides students with opportunities to bring real changes in their lives. Most people may think DEMA is just for students enrolled in the DEM program, but that really isn’t true. This club is for anyone interested in business, technology or innovation and wants excellent opportunities to bring their ideas to life! Whether it be networking events, case competitions, development workshops – there is always a skill to gain and improve on. And DEMA is always willing to provide the necessary tools to achieve that! As your YEC Chair for this year, I promise to work along with my team to bring you all the best version of YEC to date! I truly look forward to this year, working in this amazing club with my amazing team!"